"In an era of smart technology with smart phones and fast lifestyles vehicle care and maintenance gets even smarter with our REVITALIZANT technology that has the unique ability to restore & repair worn out metal surface, yet in a smarter way and hence our USP."

Xado India Lubricants Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company offering for the first time in India, complete mechanical REVITALIZING solutions with products developed by the the global major "Xado Chemical Concern, Ukraine". Company deals with "Angelina Sw Limited" which is the official representative of the Xado Chemical Group for India with exclusive rights to sell, stock and distribute Xado products in United Kingdom and Nepal as well.With our unique REVITALIZANT formula, you could restore worn out metal surfaces of almost any machinery that requires lubrication.

Xado REVITALIZANTS not only increases efficiency but literally adds more life to machines.
Anti ageing machines is no longer a science fiction.

Therefore, don't just lubricate, REVITALIZE...

  1. Automotive

    XADO, your global lubrication and autocare specialist that helps you to REVITALIZE all kinds of vehicles for greater mileage and power, reduced toxic emissions, longer service life and exterior shine that will never fade away.

  2. Industrials

    Anti ageing machines is no longer a science fiction. XADO introduces new Energy & Resource saving and Environmentally efficient technology for various industrial and heavy engineering equipments.

  3. Sports

    Precision and Extreme performance is the key factor for any sports machinery and equipment. XADO Revitalizants fulfils all these requirements and adds to the accuracy of hitting targets in shooting sports or boosts acceleration and tuning in motorsports.

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